Having a website is a necessity these days. For non-profits, it’s a great deal as per our discussion in previous blog post on Digital Strategy for Non Profits!

The moment we hear a website, the first thought that comes to the mind is  Content Management System (CMS). And when it comes to CMS, the most popular choice, WordPress.

My problem as a UX designer is not with the CMS, it’s when we straight away dive into a solution before we even understand the reason of having a website in the first place.


Let’s pause and take a moment to answer a few questions.

  1. What is the website for? – A Cause
    • It could be related to environment, kids, poverty, healthcare, etc.
  2. Who is the website for? – Target Audience
    • 100% of the time, the answer for a non-profit it will be for donors , sponsors and volunteers.
  3. Why do you need a website? – Mission
    • To share a story, to spread awareness on the issue, to have people donate, get volunteers to help, and most importantly, eradicate the issue!

At this point, you might think we all know that, so why this post then?


When the purpose and mission is the same for a website, then why are we doing it all wrong?

We are doing it all wrong, because we don’t ask the simple questions that we just answered previously, the what, who and why! Yes, The answer to this lies in the answer to the previous questions!

We all know we need a website, we all know why and we all know for whom, but do we really talk about that when we make a final decision for a solution that would support this? We know WordPress is a popular choice, or Drupal can do this better than WordPress, but before we dive into that, we need to answer these three simple questions: what, who and why that will help us govern the solution for our next question, HOW!


Now that we know what we should be doing before jumping into the how directly, I will end this post here, give you some time to ponder on this and the how will be discussed in Part 2 of the series! Stay Tuned!

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