Website Review Service

I believe in designing a website with a great user experience, not just “a website”. To carry on with this belief and make the web a better place for nonprofits, I am offering a new service starting today.

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Stop! We are doing it all wrong – Part 1

Having a website is a necessity these days. For non-profits, it’s a great deal as per our discussion in previous blog post on Digital Strategy for Non Profits! The moment we hear a website, the first thought that comes to the mind is  Content Management System (CMS)....

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Digital Strategy for Non Profits

What is digital? Digital is all around us. It’s what you are reading this post on currently, your computer, your phone, and anything that has made communication, sharing….

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For a Cause has a blog!

Welcome to "For a Cause" blog. We'll be talking everything related to non-profits here! From tips in design, mobile design strategy, to tools!

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