A digital strategy is a plan to accomplish something by taking advantage of digital tools.

What is digital? Digital is all around us. It’s what you are reading this post on currently, your computer, your phone, and anything that has made communication, sharing, networking, and more easy with just a click of a button! Digital is a method or mode of being connected with the world all the time.

Everybody has been going digital. The industry is booming. The mom and pop shops that only local people knew about, have gone digital. Everybody knows everybody (well most do), and it’s so easy to connect with folks (in another country), without feeling homesick. Thanks to technology that has made this possible.

Digital Strategy is a Plan!

Digital strategy is not only about a tool, if you create a twitter account, you are done. No,  it’s about what, how, when and where. What is it that you are doing, providing or offering, a service, how are you offering that service, when and where? It’s a plan!

The biggest advantage of digital strategy I see, is for non profits. There are many small to large non profit organizations that have gone digital, but I still see a greater need for more digital transformation. Let’s look at some of the concepts with examples and solution for digital strategy.


I want to fight against child labor and provide free education to these children who should be going to school instead of working in this small age.

Digital Strategy Solution: 

A worthy cause, a real problem that exists in areas where its tough to reach. What do you do? Let’s go:

1. Create a website: A website will not only help you tell your story, but it will help you reach a wider audience, get donations, attract volunteers who believe in your cause and are ready to help you.

2. Get on Social Media: Sign up with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any social media tool that will help you engage with a wider audience. Social media marketing has become a norm now. Everybody and anybody is on it, and it’s the best free and easy tool for a non-profit.

3. Invest in a mobile app: Yes, I can’t stop emphasizing on how important it is for a non-profit to have a mobile design strategy, but I’ll probably save it for another blog post. Everybody has a mobile device of some kind these days, an iPhone, an Android phone, etc. With a mobile app, you have higher chances of reaching to a much wider audience, especially, the millennial.

What did you gain?

Let’s be clear first, technology itself doesn’t mean digital strategy. Technology has given us a way to do what we are doing now.

Out of all the above, what did you as a non-profit gain? A lot! You’ve not only engaged people to understand the issue, but you’ve involved them personally. You’re story has touched them, and they are ready to fight with you for this issue, by donating to it. By giving you a method of to work on the cause you feel so passionate about. You have also created excitement amongst volunteers to work with you for your cause. They can be anywhere, in any city, state, country or part of the world, with the help of incorporating digital strategy in your organization, you’ve reached and touched the hearts of a much higher audience. And this is what digital transformation is about.

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